Special Skills

Study Skills

Students are often told to “go home and study.” Many students think this means that all they need to do is read. Our Tutors will teach your child note-taking and study techniques that will help them understand and retain information. These proven study skills will help them maintain better grades both now and in the future.

Text book reading: Students usually think the text books are supposed to be read from beginning to end. This is not the case. Our tutors will teach them how to skim for the necessary information, outline it in note-taking format, and reduce it down to the most important facts. We focus on efficient, effective use of time.

Standardized Test Preparation: Performing well on a standardized, multiple choice test is a matter of science. Our tutors will show you strategies for scoring well on any standardized test, as well as how to study for and perform well on teacher made tests as they come up.


For clients with ADD our experts offer help with organization, maximizing study time and reading efficiency.

Topics include

  • speed-reading
  • organization
  • note taking
  • test strategies
  • reading comprehension

Special Education

We have credentialed Special Education teachers with extensive experience working with children who have learning disabilities. Whether it’s Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, visual processing, auditory processing or other learning disability, our experts can help.

Reading Help

Things you should know:

Schools measure reading through four basic skills. Decoding (phonics) Sight Word Recognition, Reading Fluency and Reading Comprehension.

Decoding is the ability to sound out words based on phonics rules. This is the first step in reading. It begins in preschool and is usually mastered by the end of 3rd grade.

Sight word recognition is the ability to recognize words that cannot be sounded out, such as, “the”, “what” or “Who”. Sight words are usually mastered by the end of 2nd grade.

Reading fluency is the ability to orally read coherent sentences, with appropriate speed, pauses, tonal inflection, and stops. Students with good reading fluency do not necessarily have good reading comprehension.

Reading comprehension is the ability to understand and make use of what was read. Many students can master reading fluency, but have no understanding of what they just read. When students stumble over words or put inappropriate breaks in the sentence we can guess that they also do not understand the information. Students with good reading fluency can often fool teachers and parents into thinking they understood what they read because it sounded good to the listener.

Standardized Tests: Reading Comprehension also includes the ability to understand vocabulary, determine the main idea, draw conclusions and make inferences. These are the skill areas that students have the most difficulty with on the Standardized tests.

At Angela Brown Tutoring our tutors can teach your child the basic skills needed to decode and fluently read, as well as understand and analyze the information. We can help bring up test scores and grades, while giving your child the skills necessary to succeed wherever they go.

SAT Preparation

Most colleges and universities use the SAT in their criteria for admissions. In this competitive market a higher score gives students a better chance for admittance to their school of choice.

ABT’s SAT Apporach

ABT’s SAT preparation class offers the most effective SAT test preparation available. Our students receive expert instruction from the very best teachers. Students will learn valuable time saving techniques and effective prioritizing strategies from experts who have extensive experience preparing students for the SAT. Our students become familiar with the SAT testing format, knowledge content, and learn valuable techniques that really work!. By the end of our course, our students have developed the skills and confidence they need to get higher SAT scores.

The Course Includes

  • Book
  • Materials
  • 4 proctored practice tests with performance analysis
  • Small group instruction

SAT Subtest Preparation

In addition to our SAT class ABT offers private one-on-one instruction for students who wish to work in specific subtest portions of the SAT such as math, critical reading, or writing content.

Special Summer Classes

Lindamood-Bell Visualizing and Verbalizing®
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Reading – Lindamood-Bell® Reading Comprehension
Through a technique that uses the brain’s natural memory processes, students are able to understand and remember what they read. Visualizing and Verbalizing® is recognized as one of the most effective reading comprehension programs in the world.
(ages 7 to 13)

Math FUN!
This class offers intense math skills and word problems strategies taught through fun activities and exciting, hands-on projects.
(ages 8 to 13)

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